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  •  So, Mr. Devilstower, (1+ / 0-)
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    Tea Bag You

    You're basically admitting that your worldview, like that of the old-time Jews, is something you dreamed up. An invented universe where the practical realities are either distorted to fit your psychological needs or ignored entirely.

    Is this healthy?

    You're defending the idea that, as a "progressive," you fantasize about and hope for things that are demonstrably untrue, and that tend fall apart and even become the opposite of your intentions and rhetoric when implemented. So what's the point? Just to enjoy the dream at the cost of lives and freedoms that could have been saved by being realistic?

    I would say both parties, given the benefit of the doubt, are engaged in more or less identical daydreaming. "Conservatives," as you understand them, are exactly like you, hoping to force those who disagree with them into compliance with their fantasy scenario. Further, to get it done, they're hoping to use identical methods to those you propose(whether or not you're comfortable with admitting it)--government force.

    And both parties end up writing in the same genre--true crime.

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