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  •  A perfect example (1+ / 0-)
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    Tea Bag You

    of pathetic small-mindedness that defines the two party mentality: Republicans want the '50s, Democrats want the '60s; reducing discussions of mechanical issues of how a free society should be operated to absurd type caricatures that you can dislike and dismiss without a second thought or a second of thought.

    Totally appropriate that your reference point is a TV show too.

    •  Have you seen Mad Men? (0+ / 0-)

      Unlike "Happy Days", it shows what the 50's and early 60's were really like, because the writers did the research. If you prefer, check out some accurate histories from the library, but Mad Men is more acessible.

      Also, unless you are accusing opopnax of making up the story, it was the Republican friend who is responsible for the absurd caricature about the 50's. To "women" and "minorities" I'll add the Cold War and children being taught to hide under their desks in case of a nuclear attack.

      Who said Democrats want the 60's? That was a pretty difficult period, when you don't just cherry-pick the parts that you like. And instead of rejecting historical reality, I suggest that you ought to use it to test the results of various ideologies. Start by looking at what happened to the deficit under D and R presidents for the last 40 years...

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