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View Diary: Aliens, Elves, and the Politics of Utopia (238 comments)

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  •  The little cartoon about the (0+ / 0-)

    romantic robots really pointed this statement of your out:

    in their minds, the conquest of new planets as Earth is finished in an orgy of overpopulation and misuse.

    And some of us progressives really buy into the idea that we can get on a spaceship and solve our problems.  We cannot even do a biosphere.  How in the helleth can people believe we can sustain ourselves on a spaceship?  As if we do it so well on the space station.

    Our planet earth is rapidly growing smaller as we become more populous and it is losing the ability to cope with our ravening greed.  We have over fished, over fertilized, over populated, under renewed and continually abuse the environment with toxic waste.  Copenhagen has pointed to our inability to get beyond thinking locally.  The islanders faced with losing their homes care deeply about the catastrophe facing them but the industrial and newly industrial nations care only about their current economic issues.

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