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    I'm feeling a bit left out of the new patch excitement, because I've been so slammed with last week of semester work that I haven't been able to run any instances or explore Icecrown.  I had just gotten used to daily heroics and working my way toward enough emblems to upgrade my gear - and now there's a whole new system that I don't really understand.  So my limited time this week has been spent cooking and fishing and rolling my new rogue.  That's where I've seen the big patch news - this is a great time to start WoW, as it will be so much less of a grind getting through the first 20 levels.  I will have a lot of fun with her.

    As always, I'm Papagenia, the welcom wagon, so give me a holler, anyone who starts up, as I can help you get started, join the guild and answer questions (or send you to someone who can).  I am going to try to run the AQ 40 tonight - I love running things with Tamalli, especially this old content that he knows like the back of his hand.  It's great fun.

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