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  •  Still trying to push the whole reconciliation (4+ / 0-)
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    public option is still alive, mcjoan?  Sorry but the Gang of 10 compromise, whatever shape and form it is in (reporters obviously do not know nor do the staff, just the senators themselves), is the template now.  Push all you want, but the public option is DOA.  As a supporter of a public option, it does not make me feel good to say this, but it must be said.  Reality must sit in here that the public option is gone.  Go read Pelosi's statement from this morning mcjoan.  You are pushing and spinning statements from Snowe (who no longer counts, this is an all dem solution at this point) and other Dems who are hedging, etc., to make it look like there is hope yet, but in reality there isn't.  Sorry to say it, but the public option is dead.

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