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View Diary: Climate Change Reality: The Stakes in Copenhagen and Washington (91 comments)

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  •  The Senate's miscreations (0+ / 0-)

    and the ridiculousness in Copenhagen is enough to make me pissed at seeing this double whammy by Kerry and Merkley.

    These measures will do nothing. Our government is impotent to accomplish anything. It has been bought and paid for, so that every effort to actually get anything done results in more damage than good.

    The Senate is an all white men's club that occasionally allows women and a minority or two. It is an instrument of preservation for the status quo.

    It has always been the single body to protect the monied classes from the public. That is its primary function - to head off the winds of democratic change.

    But now the world is in a state of emergency and the status quo is not sustainable. And the winds of change are like forest fires raging.

    This makes the Senate's inherent corruption, and its power to arrest progress at every step, an enemy of our very survival.

    IF the Senators wanted to do something useful, they could get behind a measure to restore the fucking fairness clause so that superrich scum like Rupert Murdoch can't use our OWN FUCKING AIRWAVES against so easily.

    Oh, wait. That would take an actual conflict. A bit of friction between fundraisers and dinner parties.

    Here's a clue. Climate change is much worse than the scientists can publish. Interview them in person, off the record, and they'll confirm, it's much worse than you will find in a paper.

    That's because the process for knowing something beyond dispute and being able to prove it beyond dispute in a paper is different.

    You can fly over a the arctic and know, right there, that global warming is getting out of control. To publish that, you have to land, place sensors everywhere, accumulate mass amounts of data, crunch that data, submit for publication, go through peer review which sometimes takes as long as the orinal work, and then 5 years later it shows up on page 17 of the NY Times.

    This is why every time you hear about a new study, it's always correcting the record - GW is worse than we thought.

    Well no. It's worse than some assclowns thought. SOme of us knew all along.

    Copenhagen is a joke. So is every attempt in the Congress. Our grandchildren are going to despise us because these assholes refuse to tell the coal and gas lobby to fuck off.

    Change that: our grandchildren are going to despise them.

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