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View Diary: Climate Change CLEAR Unreality: We're all Alaskans now! (78 comments)

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    One of the points noted in the Grist piece -- which I recommend reading for anyone who wants wonkiness -- is that details are vague.  

    Per-capita rebates of auction proceeds are smart policy, but the details can be tricky and the administration of the particular plan in this bill—electronic fund transfers to everyone— is a worrisome prospect. Providing monthly payments to each legal resident of the nation would be extremely difficult. No mechanism currently exists that can deliver funds in this manner. The United States has neither a registry of legal residents, nor an address list, nor a system for adding births and immigrants, nor for removing deaths and emigrants. The bill doesn’t specify certain important details, such as who would receive and manage the funds for children and legal dependents, such as the developmentally disabled.

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