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  •   1000 paul reveres in reverse (2+ / 0-)
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    reflectionsv37, koNko

    it starts with 1000 RW radio stations because they are uncontested.

    they blast the denial all day long, intimidating as well as enabling politicians and media with their easily mobilized misinformed screaming hoards of dittoheads. that is industry's main constituency, made to order, as limbaugh and hannity and others blast the country with coordinated uncontested repetition.

    the key is that it is uncontested- the monopoly excludes competition and call screeners ensure they will not be called on their lies and distortions.

    those stations are licensed to operate in the public interest and they are instead operating as paul reveres in reverse.

    the 400 people i marched to the state capitol with didn't get any media attention for the recent 350 protests. if 20 of us had gone to the local limbaugh megastation instead i suspect we would have had media attention.

    and their local sponsors need to be asked WTF.

    US social and political reality is largely determined by 1000 radio stations blasting coordinated UNCONTESTED repetition all day long.

    by certainot on Sun Dec 13, 2009 at 11:52:04 AM PST

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