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View Diary: Last Week of Copenhagen Climate Conference, But Final Act is Not Clear (11 comments)

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    It is difficult to say what role the US plays in the ultimate outcome of COP-15.

    I personally expect, at most, an interum agreement that states broadly-defined goals and a process to negotiate more concrete agreements.

    The reason is obvious; the US was not prepared going into the process to make firm commitments and as such needs breathing room to delevop a position and mandate we can only hope is aided by pressure from COP-15.

    The US negotiating positions, however, have been a dissapointment. Rather than staking a position of soft support of necessary compromises and using that as a lever at home, the US has taken a somewhat uncooperative stance and I fail to see how this will be purloined into a stronger position when facing the inevitable resistance in the US Congress.

    So what are the implications?  I will venture one opinion; that the US now faces a choice to get on-board a train leaving the station of get left behind becuase the polar axis between the US and China has been weakened and the EU, Japan and several other nations have stepped into the fray and are punching above thier weight politically.

    However, that is an outsider opinion and I'm interested on the take of Kos members on the prospects for the US staking a leadership position and particularly the prospects for cooperstion with China since both countries, as the 2 largest CO2 emittors, have a moral obligation to lead and the political clout to do so if they chose.

    What is the US reading of the tea leaves?

    Ask me about my daughter's future - Ko

    by koNko on Mon Dec 14, 2009 at 07:51:50 AM PST

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