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View Diary: Climate Change Reality: Debunking Deniers' Drivel (80 comments)

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    One of the deniers' favorite talking points is the "Petition of over 30,000 scientists who repudiate climate change".

    This petition (first circulated over a decade ago) is the work of Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine (OISM), a non-profit organization located about seven miles from Cave Junction, Oregon.  All that is required to sign this petition is to claim that you have a B.S. degree (though OISM apparently does not verify your college degree or identity).  Few of the signers are actual scientists with experience in climatology.

    Suspiciously, many of the names on the petition cannot be found by an internet search, and a surprising number are names of persons now deceased.  Also, a number of people whose names appear on the petition state that they never signed it, and many who signed it years ago say they would not do so today.

    If you find that your name appears on this petition without your consent, you must submit a signed letter by first-class mail to OISM to have it removed.

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