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  •  answer me this (0+ / 0-)

    If the public option is such a do nothing then why has private health insurance done everything in their power to try and kill it?  Under a strong public option plan they would get to charge what ever they want and the public option would insure people they did not want to anyway.  By your reasoning they are trading that sweetheart deal away for all these chains and shackles.  It defies reason.  The current deal will drive health care costs up and private health care will hire a couple of accountants and go back to maximizing profits.

    •  Look, I agree with a lot (0+ / 0-)

      of what you are saying about the PO. Insurers are fighting it for a reason, they are worried it will make a serious in-road on their market share. I can't say I blame them, I don't know of any business who wants to compete w/ the federal gov't.

      But if the question comes down to either passing a bill w/o a PO, or passing nothing, I think you are helping households out a lot more by passing it. Affordable insurance coverage for ~ 30 million people is a big deal.  

      •  a bad bill is worse than no bill (0+ / 0-)

        Everything I have seen is that this bill has been rigged to be a big give away to private health insurance with little or no benefit to regular people.  Driving health care costs up on the backs of regular people to where it becomes insolvent is worse than doing nothing.  The pushback needs to happen, this is not the time to compromise everything away for crumbs that won't last.

        •  I still do not understand the argument (0+ / 0-)

          that providing affordable, mandated-level care to millions of people for the first time, offers "little to no benefit".

          Ezra Klein had a post today about 150,000 deaths attributal to people not having insurance.

          I guess we just fundamentally disagree on this. I'd rather see an incremental step in health care, than the whole-hog or nothing approach.

          •  i guess we disagree (0+ / 0-)

            but I also see how health care ties into the economy.  Every dollar more of the 15% US GDP spent on health care (government or family premiums) is money taken from the economy and people not working cannot afford insurance.  And an unintended consequence of the current senate compromise driving health care costs up will kill more than 150,000.  A lot more.

            At any rate, I appreciate the civil exchange that some others are not able to do.  Thanks.

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