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  •  The Party Must Learn from Jesus (4.00)
    There is very little diffence between the Jesus Kid describes and what ought to be at the very heart of the Democratic.

    At our best, we have represented the same people as Jesus and they have appreciated us for it.

    At our worst, we have tried to be please someone else.

    I hate to mix politics and religion, but for me, the politics IS the civic manifestation of my Christian beliefs.

    Merry Christmas to all:

    The soldiers, the poor, the Blue Staters, the Red Staters, the tree huggers, the soccer moms, the Nascar Dads, the redneck women, the poor, the imprisoned, the sick, the ignorant, the homeless, the garbage truck guys, the waiters, the teachers, the beggars, the ignorant, the sad, the Nader supporters, the laborers, the common and uncommon people of this nation and this world.

    From a Democrat who's happy to associate himself with Jesus' kind of people.

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