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  •  As a Christian, (4.00)
    I, too, feel fake saying Merry Christmas.

    First off, Jesus was not born in the Winter. The only clue we have as to Jesus's birthday is the Gospel According to Luke, which says on the night Jesus was born, shepards were outdoors watching their flock. That indicates hot weather. If you don't beleive Luke, then there's no way to tell what time of year Jesus was born.

    Secondly, Christmas has become a time celebrated by lying to children about Santa Claus to appeal to their materialism and manipulate them into being subserviant toward adults. These are all things Jesus found repulsive.

    Jesus said not to judge people. Yet we celebrate Christmas by embracing Santa, who 364 days of the year, has nothing better to do than make a list of who's naughty and who's nice. This guy is the Gladis Cravitts of holiday characters.

    If you ask me, there's only one holiday where Americans traditionally display the true spirit of Christ, and that is Halloween. Giving total strangers ("deserving" or otherwise) things they really want (candy, not underwear) -- that was Jesus's style. And I think the rebelliousness and mild shock value of dressing up like witches, etc. would appeal to the iconoclast who ate with criminals and overturned tables in the temple.

    But Christmas? I don't see many people doing what Jesus would do. Christmas is when a lot of people talk about Jesus but few people honor Him. (Actually, that seems to happen year round, but at Christmas time, it's more blatant.)

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