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View Diary: Schwerner, Goodman Chaney murders: lessons learned? (3 comments)

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  •  Speaking of re-opened investigations (none)
    The FL Attorney General has agreed to reopen the investigation of the 1951 Harry & Harriette Moore murders.

    From this article:

    In 1951, Harry and Harriette Moore were fighting for the rights of African Americans by registering Black voters and speaking out against school segregation. As was common in the Jim Crow South, civil rights activism cost them their lives. Harry Moore died on Dec. 25 on the way to the hospital. Harriette died nine days later. No one was ever convicted of their murders.

    The FBI might have had evidence at that time, but decided to end the investigation to keep peace, Gary said.

    I think it's good news that these cases are being reopened, but the pattern of letting enough time pass for people in charge or in power, or are guilty, to fade from the scene should be considered crimes in themselves, and prosecuted fully.

    •  "Elected leaders, business executives, and (none)
      law enforcement officers."

      Another article about the Moore murders:

      The murders sparked international outrage, and the FBI assigned 20 agents to work the case. They quickly turned their attention to several Orange County men who belonged to or were associated with the Ku Klux Klan.

      Orange County, at the time, had at least three Klan groups claiming a total membership of about 300. FBI records obtained by the Sentinel in 1991 showed the Klan's ranks included elected leaders, business executives and law enforcement officials.

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