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View Diary: Breaking:  US/France/Egypt to Present Mideast Peace Plan (154 comments)

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    (1) I'm not suggesting Israel should have volunteered to give up the land it won in brutal conflict in 1948.
    (2) I understand why Israel didn't let the refugees return to their homes and destroyed villages, mosques, etc. That doesn't make it less of a violation of international law, but I wasn't suggesting Israel alone is the reason the Palestinian refugees still live in limbo in various places. All the other war refugees from the 1940s were resettled somewhere and given full citizenship. The Palestinians, with some notable exceptions, weren't.

    And with due respect, while I inevitably was oversimplifying, you stated something that was simply untrue. Jerusalem, having never been ruled by a state of Palestine, cannot be given "back" to the Palestinians (though it could indeed be ceded to them), nor can any Palestinian state be blamed for the actions of the Jordanian authorities from 1948-67.

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      I was generalizing "arab nations", all of which were about 3 years old at that point to include the Palestinians as if they were the ones making governance decisions.

      Regardless, nobody who made those particular decisions is around anymore and I certainly don't believe in punishing their grandchildren for mistakes they made.

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