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  •  Been saying for days now that the mandate will (12+ / 0-)

    live on and the subsidies will likely be cut or simply tended to properly to keep up with private insurers' rates.

    The mandate should be wed to the subsidies - if the subsidies are cut then the mandate should be nullified.

    But the subsidy idea starts to look really ridiculous when you really focus on how this is working.  People are compelled by law to pay a private insurer who passes on their profits to a share holder; they are compelled by law to pay taxes that will cover these subsidies that are passed on to the private insurers who pass their profits on to shareholders; and both the government and the people are left holding the bag if the private insurers fail to hold up their end of the bargain or go under for some reason.  That's quite a deal for the private insurers if you ask me.

    Meanwhile, if we were all just paying into Medicare we'd be paying into a pool that ostensibly would be around for our entire lives and would have no shareholders to serve other than the customers who participate in the Medicare pool - and the premiums probably could be at once affordable and require little if any additional taxation of the general public.  But never mind.  Single Payer was off the table last February.

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