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View Diary: Shenandoah is a Cautionary Tale for How to Debate Immigration Reform (9 comments)

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    "While pushing back on immigration reform by discussing joblessness may sound like a more rational way to debate the issue, in fact it is not since immigrants do not compete for most jobs held by the native-born. The concept that immigrants steal jobs is simply not supported by dataand again pits native-born workers against their foreign-born counterparts in way that fuels the same kind of anti-immigrant sentiment that has characterized past debates."

    This is false.  While 10 years ago, this might have had more basis in fact, today it does not.  10 years ago, we did not have 25-30 million unemployed.  Today, we do.  As such, the notion that there are jobs that Americans will not do is more and more false.  

    This is especially the case in high tech.  The new bill appears to have 309,000 new H-1B visas (as it authorizes the recovery of unused H-1B visas for the last number of years). That means that hundreds of thousands of low-skill H-1B visa holders will flood the market, undercutting an employment sector which has already lost hundreds of thousands of jobs for Americans since 2007.

    So, rather than making stuff up, why not deal with facts?  Here's a fact: In a recession with millions of people unemployed, the American people are going to REALLY REJECT this crazy bill and the crazy people behind it.  If you think health care was difficult, this will be 10 times worse.  The bill is VERY BAD for AMERICAN WORKERS.

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