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View Diary: With Democrats like Bean, who needs Republicans? (6 comments)

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  •  Bean is a smart little blue dog (2+ / 0-)
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    sfgb, Earth Ling

    Aside from some folks really paying attention, or common enough to go to Huffinton Post, noone has payed her almost any ire.

    She knows finance is complicated and with not that much passion.

    Its not like if poor working family sees any difference whether rich banker goes to jail or makes 100 million, but if an Insurance company raises their rates its a different story.

    The only thing we can hope for is her to simply lose in 2010 out of luck, then we can spin it is as a loss to the shadow Corporatist wing of our party.

    •  I live in her district (1+ / 0-)
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      George Pirpiris

      Helped her get elected when she defeated the wretched Phil Crane, a 36-year do-nothing.  In retrospect she's more dangerous than he was.  I can't vote Repub, but I will not vote for her next Nov.  Her mantra about being fair to health insurance companies made my blood boil.  She is also willfully ignorant on policy issues. Not as bad as Sarah Palin, but bottom of the barrel for a Dem.

      •  I live in Frank KRatovil's district (0+ / 0-)

        He he is the FAIL of blue dogs.

        Nobody pays him any mind, he has even less coverage then bean.  All he has done is vote against every DNC measure.

        I wont be voting for him either, but paint his race as deeds on GOP steroids.

        He will only win by the vote regulars and the coatails of our governor race.

      •  Should we work to defeat Bean? (0+ / 0-)

        Hi sfgb:

           Progressives may not have the strength to win in IL-8, but we probably do have the strength to tip the election away from anti-progressive corporate puppets like Bean.  

        We can't just sit back and let her and her ilk win again.

         We should we run an independent (or Green) in the general election knowing we can't win but that we might deprive Bean of the seat.  That means the Republican wins, but really what's the difference?

        -  That's what the Republicans would do.  Look at upstate New York. They don't care if they lose a seat here and there.  Their long term goal is to create a right-wing party and they are succeeding at that.  

          Our goal should be to create a progressive Democratic Party free of corporate puppets like Bean, Ben Nelson, Jane Harmon (D-CA), and many more


        Bill Bianchi
        Progressive Democrats of America-Illinois

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