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    Nina, Catzmaw

    majorities make a huge difference in what legislation gets passed, or even considered. Without a large Democratic majority, the Senate wouldn't even be considering things like eliminating exclusion based on pre-existing conditions.

    I'm not enough of an expert in the technicalities of legislative procedure to know what can or can't be done by reconciliation. I've seen persuasive arguments on pro and con. I think the White House and congressional leadership are making a political calculation that it would result in delays and procedural chaos that would endanger the rest of the Democrat's legislative agenda -- reforming financial regulations to prevent another crisis, climate change legislation, immigration reforms, etc.  

    I don't think Obama and Reid are making excuses. I think they're getting as much as they can with the votes they can get. In the Senate, the majority leader has nowhere near as much power over rank and file members as the Speaker does in the House.

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