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  •  Spent Christmas evening at the local ER (7+ / 0-)

    My son began to choke during dinner. He ended up having an emergency Esophagogastroduodenoscopy. The hospital called in a surgical team on christmas evening to work on him. They found his dinner stuck in a ball in the lower esophagus. It never passed through into his stomach. They think he has a connective tissue disorder and said this isn't normal for a 19 year old. My health insurance just kicked him off on December 1st for dropping down to a part time student. So no insurance, a battery of tests they want performed and perhaps a $10k hospital bill. He only makes $500 a month at his part time job. I hope Medi-Cal will take him. He is 5'7" and about 110 pounds. He has always had trouble keeping weight on. Today he goes on Ensure again to help him maintain his weight. I must say they took excellent care of him at the hospital and never once considered if he had insurance. But getting him care now may be another problem.

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