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View Diary: WA Gov -- the day of decisions (39/39) (48 comments)

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  •  County chair to run against Berendt (none)
    N in Seattle, I've heard King County Dem chair Greg Rodriguez is planning to run for statewide chair against Paul Berendt.

    If Gregoire ends up winning, though, I don't think he can succeed. If Gregore had lost, his chances probably would have been fairly good. If she wins, though (a more likely scenario) then Berendt will probably get reelected as state chair.

    Trust NPI and Permanent Defense to keep you updated.

    •  Greg and a cast of ... well, two more (none)
      In addition to Rodriguez, the other announced candidates are the (outgoing?) chair of the 21st District Democrats (the 21st is in Snohomish County), Bill Phillips, and the former chair of the Snohomish County Dems, Kat Overman.

      I found some brief information about the trio here.  

      Frankly, I don't know who I'd support, if I had any say whatsoever in the decision.  I know Greg pretty well and like him, but lost a good bit of respect when he bailed from the Dean campaign and ended up going to Boston as a Kerry delegate.  Kat spoke at the King County Dems reorg meeting, didn't particularly impress.  Phillips wasn't at that meeting (Greg and Paul were, at least for a little while), sent his wife as his representative.  

      You're only young once, but you can be immature forever -- Larry Andersen

      by N in Seattle on Wed Dec 22, 2004 at 05:04:03 PM PST

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      •  Rodriguez (3.66)
        I'm extremely biased on the subject, but... Greg went to Iowa for Dean, helped smooth things over with some very angry high-powered Dean supporters when they were getting ready to bolt because of disagreements with the local campaign leadership, and stayed with the campaign right up to the end. As anyone would have to admit, losing WA state where he had such a big early advantage was an advanced stage of the end.

        Greg was personally approached by the Kerry folks to come as a delegate because they wanted to foster goodwill between the Dean and Kerry camps, even though it may not have worked out that way. From what I've gathered, they wanted to make clear that Dean supporters were welcome and there wasn't going to be some kind of ideological purge. Berendt's friends have smeared him as something of a traitor to Dean, but it wasn't like that.

        He's a good guy, he works hard for the party, and I think he'd be a great state chair.

        •  I hear you, natasha (none)
          And I appreciate your viewpoint, biased though it may be.  

          I wasn't aware of the (apparently ham-handed) Kerry camp operation with Greg.  From the non-inside, it looked like political calculation at its worst.  (Then again, so does the Berendt-Ross mess ... Alex might not have won either, but he was an actual candidate with actual positions.)

          I don't know anything about Phillips and Overman, and they haven't done much of anything to help me with that.  Phillips's website doesn't tell me much, and I haven't found a thing from Overman on the web.  I could say pretty much the same thing about Berendt, of course.

          I don't see myself having much, if any, influence in this race anyway.  Sure, I can talk to a couple of state committee members and some district chairs (do they have a vote for state chair?), but I doubt my word will change their minds.

          You're only young once, but you can be immature forever -- Larry Andersen

          by N in Seattle on Wed Dec 22, 2004 at 07:38:11 PM PST

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          •  more on greg & dean (none)
            (Hi Natasha!)

            Many of us Dean people were shocked when Greg switched to Kerry very soon after Dean dropped out.  I took it more as his need to support the party as a county chair, and not at all a move to get noticed or something.  I have worked with Greg often during the campaign and he never struck me as an opportunist, more of a doer and smoother-overer.  You know he held some of the earliest and largest DFA meetups in Seattle (as I remember), and kept doing this for quite some time, I think even after Dean dropped out.  He was one of the main Dean champions in the party leadership in WA for the whole thing, which appears to have cost him some support within the non-Dean party leadership (similar to Berendt).  But that is just a measure of his devotion to the cause in my book, so I have no problem supporting him.

            Carl Ballard had several statements from the state party chairs on his blog a few weeks back.  Look around there for more info on all the candidates.
            My opinion is Paul's winning this recount will be hard for anyone else to beat.

            Former Dean LDC, WA 48th
            Chair-apparent, WA-48th LD Democrats

            ...ben in Redmond The delineation of rights is best done with a view to human potentialities rather than in fear of our shortcomings. -- Hon. Wm Downing

            by calvin on Wed Dec 22, 2004 at 11:25:59 PM PST

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      •  Berendt deserves a lot of credit for the recount (4.00)
        He gets demerits elsewhere, and Change is Good.

        Rodriguez has worked overtime compensating for Paul's blind spots (including info tech). I don't see how anyone can fault Gregz for switching to Kerry. My memory is a little fuzzy, but did Greg switch from Dean to Kerry any sooner than Dean switched from Dean to Kerry? The DFA mission statement is not a suicide pact ... is it?

        Bill Phillips has excellent political energy and instincts, he can think on his feet, and he "gets it" re participative vs top-down politics and insurgent base-building in red turf.

        Kat Overman strikes me as the "rabbit" who runs out first buts finishes behind the pack ... but we'll see what she's got.

        All four are dedicated, fightin' Democrats. Let's enjoy a celebratory toast before we get the knives out.

        And before you count noses, remember some new faces -- of divergent political generations -- are getting reorg'd into the voting positions: Legislative District Committeeman and C'woman, and County C'man and C'woman.

        •  Keeping your powder dry, I see! (none)
          NO credit to crybaby Berendt...what an embarrassing performance on television.  Sheesh.  Not to mention the incompetence leading to huge fines by the PDC.  Paul has little support any more from the electeds in this state or from anyone who's paying attention or from anyone involed in any campaign for a presidential candidate other than Dean...THAT pre-primary endorsement by the chair was a divisive and huge mistake and helped Dean not at all.  We need new leadership...and badly.

          Tell me how you spend your time and how you spend your money -- I'll tell you what your values are.

          by oldpro on Thu Dec 23, 2004 at 12:35:28 AM PST

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    •  8th Congressional District (none)
      Considering that Berendt was responsible for picking Dave Ross to lose in the 8th, after every major elected Democrat in the state had already endorsed Alben, I think Berendt will take some flak. Deservedly. Our Democratic Congressional delegation can't be thrilled with him, though I don't know how much they weigh in on this sort of thing.
      •  They only supported him because he wasn't crazy! (none)
        Listen, I know a lot of people are pissed off at Berendt about the Dave Ross thing, but you have to understand that Alex Alben was an abysmal candidate.  People jumped on board because they thought the seat was winnable (and it would've been if Ross had jumped in earlier and fundraised a bit more), and Alben was the only sane person running on the Dem side (which led to decent fundraising, which led to endorsements, etc).

        I think it was shown pretty well in the Primary that Alben would've been killed by Reichert in the General.  He didn't stand a chance.  Ross did, and Berendt understood this and took a risk.  This is what he was supposed to do as State Chair.

        On the flip side, I'd rather have Rodriquez as State Chair - I'm not a big fan of people crying on television.  ;)

        •  Abyssmal candidate? (none)
          Alben's main problem was name recognition. That being said, amongst those that knew who he was, he did extremely well.

          When the state party did a poll for Ross prior to him jumping into the race, it showed Reichert beating him. People knew who both candidates were and they preferred Reichert. That's the downside of high name recognition. There was very little room for him to grow but Ross' campaign did very little to get that small battleground. They coasted on name recognition through the primary and then assumed a huge Democratic tide would get him elected. Not to mention they let the GOP run ads uncontested painting Ross as a terrorist supporter.

          Alben's campaign wouldn't have made all those mistakes. And as he grew his name rec, he could've swayed voters who had already made up their minds that Ross was a wuss.

          --- My opinions are my own and not my employer's.

          by Aexia on Thu Dec 23, 2004 at 02:32:17 AM PST

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