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View Diary: ALL Hands On Deck: CALL Congress Today On Health Bill! (280 comments)

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  •  We're forcing it down to the path of (6+ / 0-)
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    MD patriot, krikkit4, louavul, elwior, DFH, CMYK

    reconciliation if there's a bloc of opposition to the Senate bill in the House.

    I work full-time with the FDL team on health reform thanks to your donations.

    by slinkerwink on Thu Dec 17, 2009 at 09:58:55 AM PST

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    •  Some questions, then (1+ / 0-)
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      What provisions do we think that we can get into reconciliation?

      What provisions do we think that we can get out of reconciliation (with 50 votes)?

      Why do we assume that reconciliation will be easier if we haven't sent this bill to conference -- I still do not want it to be ping-ponged and don't believe that it will be -- than if we have?

      If this bill goes to conference right now, it's going to sit there until there are 60 Senate votes and 218 House votes for passage.  We may never get there.  I see absolutely no reason to kill it now.  All we need is pledges from people not to support it until a separate reconciliation tack has been tried.

      Then, if reconciliation works, we're free to put the things we want into the bill.  In that case -- if there's a public option passed through reconciliation, among some other possibilities -- we can let the insurers know that they still have the carrot of mandates (in exchange for very needed -- though still improvable -- insurance reforms.)

      Right now, you say you want reconciliation -- but there are other possible proposals, such as passing the bill, taking out the unpopular mandates, and holding them hostage for real improvements.  Your path seems to foreclose on that possibility.  This wouldn't bother me so much if I thought that it would work -- but, although I'm willing to work and call for it, I don't think it will.

      In that case, your proposal ends up cutting off the other possible path we have to real reform.  I therefore can't support it.  Get the bill into conference, let it sit in the freezer while we pursue a parallel track of reconciliation, and I'm entirely on board.  We do not have to kill this bill right now.  But I do want a bill this year, while we are probably at our height of political power.

      I accept that reasonable people can disagree about strategy here.  Do you?

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