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    See, slink, you can't even get your facts straight.  Let's say the waitress earns $24,000/yr. (between 150 and 200 percent FPL for a family of 2).  Then she would pay 6.3% of her income, or $1,512 (6.3% * $24,000) for a policy having 80% actuarial value (an HMO with no deductible, $25 doctor visits, $15 for generic drugs, $500 for hospitalization, and a $4,000 out-of-pocket cap).  I'd say the waitress and her diabetic son are much, much better off than their current $8,000 deductible policy.

    And yes, if my sister wants an experimental treatment, then yes, she should be required to pay for the treatment herself.  Otherwise, that will just increase everyone's premiums and cost-sharing, and we'll be where we currently are -- you only get any treatment -- effective or experimental -- if you can afford it.  I'm am suprised that a person who lectures everyone so much about the importance of cost control would take your position -- that of Betsy McCaughey and Jon Kyl -- on comparative effectiveness research.

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