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View Diary: ALL Hands On Deck: CALL Congress Today On Health Bill! (280 comments)

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    Senate lines are all busy for me, I called one of the Maryland representatives, Donna Edwards.  I have no representation, so donated to her in her last campaign, she is part of the Progressive House caucus.

    HR676 co-sponsors list:

    HR 676 co-sponsors

    And this from Jeffrey Feldman on Huffpo:

    And here is the kicker: a mandate for health insurance would, if signed into law by President Obama, would take the already flawed business model of health insurance and turn it into a perfect storm of financial and then physical ruin.

    Right now we have a system that requires the government to cover those who are indigent and those who are elderly--Medicaid and Medicare--thanks to the legacy of the New Deal and the Great Society. There is a selfish bunch of Americans who are opposed to Medicaid and Medicare, but most see their value through their flaws. Despite the horror stories about "death panels" and "killing granny" (none of which are true), if the current health care bill were signed into law, poor and retired Americans will still be covered in the same way as they are today.

    The big change will be for the rest of the country that would suddenly be faced with an unprecedented and up-to-that-point not understood requirement.

    Everyone would be required to buy an annual health insurance policy for ourselves and our family members--dictated by government to purchase a private product.

    Medicare for All, that is the REAL public option that only needs 50 votes + Biden.

    by MD patriot on Thu Dec 17, 2009 at 12:43:53 PM PST

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