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View Diary: Tales from the Larder: Xmas Dinner in Provence (113 comments)

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  •  Canard le'Orange was our New Years' dinner last (5+ / 0-)

    year using a Provonce Recipe.  The duck was baked, stuffed with Citris, then served with a candied Orange Sauce.  The recipe was in French.  My sister had eaten this dish with a neighbor in Provonce (Uzes), but Jan doesn't read French very well.  Her daugher speaks and reads French quite well, but is not a cook, so didn't know the cooking terminology.  But we all understood adding the white wine throughout the cooking process.  Of cours, every time we tasted the wine too.  The end results were wonderful.  I tried the same recipe with my family (after translation) at Thanksgiving this year with the same good results. but it wasn't as much fun as using the French Reiipe in a kitchen full of crazy cooks.

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