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  •  If they have Lieberman's vote (0+ / 0-)

    on the watered-down bill (and I believe that they'll get Nelson's), then they get into conference.  They have a new "base camp."  They can relax and recoup.  Republicans will try to water it down further, but it's already in conference.  Their best chance to do so will have passed.

    I can't figure out if they're pissed at Dean because they're afraid that he won't let them get into base camp or if this whole brouhaha is actually collusive.  Dean is sending a message to Lieberman and Nelson that they have already got too much -- they've already lost.  I think that that had to happen to stop the cave-in.

    So now what happens?  Well, Dean is now more or less the leader of the Left.  Good, we have a spokesperson.  We also have a person who they can negotiate with, and who -- when he changes his mind and suggests that the bill is good enough (with various fixes like, perhaps, the ones I propose in my recipe) -- will bring a lot of public opinion with him.

    Seriously, if they didn't collude with Dean, they might as well have.  I'm glad that they're sniping at him -- it helps build his street cred -- but they should be thanking their lucky stars that he's out there, rather than an inchoate opposition.  He's the "enemy" they need right now.

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      Seneca Doane

      if they didn't collude with Dean, they might as well have

      So true. The funny thing is that I've kind of come to a peace with the rift in the left on this. After spending a few days thinking about it, it occurred to me that both sides are doing what needs to be done. We need each other and don't even know it.

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