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View Diary: "The Machine Counts It Right": Who Needs A Recount? (75 comments)

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  •  Olbermann seems willing to say (none)
    there are "details that make the recount situation in Hocking County, Ohio, seem far less closed than the County's Assistant Prosecutor led me to believe..."

    and goes on to point out that, "...if you were trying to fix a vote in Ohio, or cover it up in a recount, you had merely to identify which precincts were least likely to be chosen (rather than randomly selected), and do your dirty work in them..."

    Unfortunately, one of his sources has provided somewhat incomplete information about Triad's donations to the Republican Party.  He was told, "..."Triad has a rule against corporate donations to political parties; their employees may, but they don't."

    Perhaps this source is unaware that the owner of Triad has contributed to the Republican Party...which while not necessarily a corporate donation certainly suggests that Triad's owner has certain Republican preferences.

    Anyway, you can read Olbermann's whole blog here:

    •  Olbermann - turned to the darkside (none)
      It was fantastic that Olbermann reported on election irregularities right after the election, but, alas, his latest reports are filth. See the Brad Blog for details:

      Olbermann finallly reports on the Clint Curtis/Vote Rigging Software issue, and totally fucks it up in a way that favors the Republic party. Olbermann talks to Rep. Feeney (R), and repeats what Feeney tells him, yet doesn't bother to contact Curtis.

      •  Remember (none)
        It was Olbermann that trashed Bev Harris also. Right then I began smelling a rat...

        Restore Democracy!

        by high5 on Thu Dec 23, 2004 at 09:43:20 AM PST

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        •  I agree (none)
          I'm beginning to wonder if once courageous journalists are getting scared as a result of threats from powers above...Seems like no one wants to stick their necks out and become another victim of Rather-side.  Olbermann may be getting the squeeze.
        •  Bev Harris (none)

          To be fair, Harris didn't exactly help her own cause. Then again, perhaps, from Olbermann's behavior, she was right to be suspicious of him...

          Have there been any updates about the whole Volusia county mess? Last I heard, she had a lawsuit pending about the Volusia officials' attempts to destroy evidence before her auditors could look at it, but then a bunch of prominent Democratic bloggers (though not kos, much to his credit) and reporters started dumping on her.

          Its like the media listened to Weird Al's "Dare to be Stupid" and said "Yes! This is how the world should be!"

          by RHunter on Thu Dec 23, 2004 at 03:28:46 PM PST

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      •  disappointed after his Blackwell interview (none)
        Same thing with the Blackwell interview: Olbermann asked Blackwell a few question, only one was a good question and he let Blackwell talk and talk (or lie and lie) for minutes without interrupting him, without cutting into his nonsensical palaver with a "yes, but, ..."

        and even worse he didn't ask him about the Warren county lockdown.

        Olbermann said he'll never be like an O'Reilly who cuts of his guests... but, fuck, so we get the nice harmless reporters and the Rethugs get the sharklike, effective reporters. Not fair.

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