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View Diary: "The Machine Counts It Right": Who Needs A Recount? (75 comments)

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  •  Nice Catch (none)
    But what does it mean?  Are they reprograming the computer? The count? Directing the machines to count the Presidential ballots differently from the rest of the races?  What?  Many interpretations possible.

    In any event, very fishy.

    •  I honestly don't know (none)
      much about computers or what type of remote access they have in this particular case.  But an IT guy I know has told me that if you have remote access to a computer you could have access to anything on that computer unless it was specifically barred.  

      The fact that the computer is accessible via remote access means that it is possible someone had remote access to the ballots on Nov 2.  Or it could just mean that the entire system is really well protected but they can make certain adjustments via remote access.

      Whichever way you slice it, if Triad was making adjustments to the computer via remote access they were altering the vote machine prior to the recount without any candidate observers present...and that is against Ohio law.

      •  Exactly (none)
        Since the company did the programming, I'm sure that the back door they had programmed in gave them total access.  I've been in IT for over 25 years.  There is probably a given reason that they support the software and the hardware.  But it says that the votes are not locked down and there is no real security in those votes because of that remote access.
        •  Is there an access Log? (none)
          seems to me something that should be certifed and made publicly available.
          •  To be blunt (none)
            I doubt any BOE is very technically minded.  They probably have not hired a tech but have contented themselves with the services of ES&S or Triad or whoever.  And those companies own the "root", a unix term for the administration side of the working software.  If there was an access log, the odds are good the BOEs do not know about it, and since the companies probably own the root they can doctor up the access log any way they want.

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