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    1. Substantiate it? I look at healthcare bills and rates all day long every single day. YOu might try watching that "news" thing as well or read.. well anything the cbo has written about medicare inflation. And yes i certainly do know more than some cbo beuracrat about healthcare bills as that is my business.
    1. SHE ISNT COVERED NOW. WTF dont you get about that. MOST people arent. hence the "UNINSURED" word youve seen thrown about.
    1. Dear god even the cbo report made it clear that the "exchange" scam is never going to happen. WE were fighting for what we call a "public option" (You may have seen that phrase bandied about too) which would have actually provided her an alternative.
    1. Making stuff up is fun.
    1. Educate yourself before you speak re medical inflation and insurance rate yearly increases (so you know its on your effective date). MY SISTER DOESNT MAKE 31k a year. Are you seriously this myopic.
    1. Employers are dropping their coverage in droves. One of the things i do at work all day? Help employers terminate their group plans.
    •  Yep (0+ / 0-)

      I know, pointing to actual documents, with actual figures and all that jazz are just bullshit.

      I do appreciate how you respond to my points in ways that are completely non-responsive.  My favorite is #4.  What part of "per enrollee" for subsidies in the bill don't you fucking get?  It's in the analysis. It's in the bill.  But a $10k subsidy for a mother and child is inconsistent with your pre-conceived notions and your smoldering sense of outrage, so you just accuse me of "making up" something that is plainly part of the bill.

      In short, I identified my sources.  Identify yours, or STFU.

      In fact, don't even bother.  You're either a purity troll or a RW saboteur.  If you're the former, go fuck yourself and go back to Redstate.

      If you're the latter, you didn't what you wanted in the bill, so you want to piss on everyone else.  And god forbid you actually learn about the bill or understand its contents, when it's just so much easier to assert how you feel, in your bones, that the bill is bad.  There's no point in arguing with you.

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