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  •  I think Krugman & Rich pegged him (2+ / 0-)
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    dratman, Bob Love

    Rich in a column a few months before the election, talking about how Obama represents a post-boomer sensibility, that is comfortable with diversity in their own everyday life, yet also feels somewhat estranged by a larger society that is so diverse and socially tumultuous, there is no "home". From those two seemingly contrarian feelings arises a visceral desire for a broad-based consensus,  cohesion, and national identity.

    I think that explains Obama very well on social issues like race, etc.

    Krugman was just as insightful, in a column a day or two after Inauguration Day, when he commented that the vision expressed in Obama's speech was "restorational", not "reform". Krugman said that Obama seemed to view the financial crisis and other economic problems as a "crisis of confidence" in economic policy of the last 30 years...the solution being merely to restore confidence in the existing policy structure. Krugman was emphatic that Obama completely misunderstood what was happening, why it had happened, and the urgent need for drastic change.

    And I think that totally explains Obama's view of domestic policy from the economy to health care...he is essentially a 1990s neo-liberal dead-ender, having never evolved in his thinking past Clintonism.

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