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  •  Obama = Lando (there's still hope) (2+ / 0-)
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    murrayewv, RoCali

    (No, not because he's black. He's making deals trying to keep his big business from dying - he's got Cloud City to run! Vader got to him before the good guys did)

    Han = Small business (libertarian streak, but heart's in the right place, thinks he works for nobody but himself, acts self-interested but will do the right thing in the end)

    Chewie = Working Class (arms, sockets, etc)

    Leia = Progressive Caucus (the strong positive "feminine" and the life and vitality of the nation's variety of peoples, Han )

    R2D2 = Blogs (knows the whole story, rescues in a pinch)

    C3PO = MSM Pundits and Media Stars (cannot remember the past, generally cowardly and annoying but occasionally communicates the wisdom from the blogs - the only reason he's still here)

    Jabba = Corporate greed (holds Han in a frozen state due to monopolies)

    Jedi Council = Corporate Dems (short sighted and unable to understand the precarious situation in which they find themselves)

    Padme = American Dream (middle class family life, freedom, democracy, and responsible governance)

    Shmi Skywalker = America's sense of security

    Jar Jar Binks = Chris Matthews

    Qui-gon = Nader (brought Anakin onto the scene, idealistic and stubborn in his dealings with the Jedi Council but still one of the good guys - may offer a way for the disillusioned progressives to have an influence) Lightsaber color - green

    The Death Star = The Conservative Corporate Machine (overcome once through grassroots effort - note the color of the Rebel's flight suits)

    Emperor Palpatine = Cheney and his ilk (stresses the need for the Dark Side in order to save the American Dream, power hungry and secretive, deceptively starts wars to increase his power, attacks his "little green friend" with mocking cockiness and glee)

    Anakin Skywalker = Teabaggers (once idealistic, frightened, immature, and unwise proto-fascists desperate to hold onto the American Dream - will end up killing it, however)

    Darth Vader = Neocon, neoliberal, fascist, and corporatist lackeys (no problem with torture, or imperial power - bought the whole "Dark Side" thing, lost the battle with the machine and became a part of it, frequently takes out his disappointment over failures on high ranking officers on his side, devoted to the Dark Side and the power it gives him as a replacement for what was once his idealism) Lightsaber color - red

    Obi-wan = 60s Progressives (has difficulty believing in what has become of his populist friend, but will reluctantly cripple who he now considers to be lost, still has lessons to teach) Lightsaber color - blue

    Yoda = (Pre-Empire) Al Gore (concentrated too much on maintaining peaceful power structure to the detriment of all, could not see the threat until it was too late, reluctant to try again, used to be allies with Chewie) / (Empire) Dennis Kucinich (judge him not by his size, has vision but has become sidelined and is not considered a threat, carries doubts and frustrations)

    Ewoks = New generation of working class progressives (love their media stars, surprisingly effective)

    Stormtroopers = Unthinking corporate/religious followers (easily outwitted but there are a lot of them)

    The almighty Sarlac = Health insurance companies

    Luke = You? (realizes who the real enemy is and will not give up on his damaged, abused, closed-minded and manipulated father even though he has done some absolutely horrible things and would destroy his friends and bring the same fate to Luke if allowed) Lightsaber color when victorious - green, not blue, ended up throwing away the weapon with its political color in his final defiance of Empire

    What needs to be done: Leia needs to hook up with Han; Lando needs to get away from Vader and go rescue Han from Jabba with Luke, Leia and Chewie (and 3PO will end up being the voice of Jabba, sigh; for this to happen, Chewie needs to clarify the situation for Lando); Luke needs to reach out to the Anakin inside of Vader; Han, Leia, Chewie, and the Droids need to deactivate the political and media shield that protects the conservative corporate machine while taking on the Stormtroopers; while Luke needs to appeal to the shred of Anakin's broken and crippled humanity and hope that still resides in Vader by showing he is really on Anakin's side and believes in him; then let Vader take out the Emperor; Lando must take out the second Death Star, because that thing's operational

    ...the alternative is revolution

    by 1000 Points of Fright on Sun Dec 20, 2009 at 01:32:58 AM PST

    •  recced for JarJar Binks =Chris Matthews (0+ / 0-)

      you have really thought a lot about this.  But you need to assign someone to Sarah Palin.  How about Darth Maul?

      Somehow I think Obama is a little more central to the story than Lando.  I see him more as a Han Solo.

      You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you mad. Aldous Huxley

      by murrayewv on Sun Dec 20, 2009 at 06:20:07 AM PST

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