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  •  But with soap... (3+ / 0-)
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    Detlef, boofdah, Betty Pinson

    not those anti-bacterial things they have in the store. A friend who is an immunologist said he puts Purell in his office because the more intense stuff is just bad. He tells parents not to use all the anti-bacterial things you see out there. They even make anti-bacterial toys!

    I grew up out in the country and around a lot of animals. I spent most of my time outside getting dirty. My kids live in the suburbs but I encourage to play outside and while dirty can be annoying, it is good for them. We bought some anti-bacterial hand cleaner when the flu scare was on but we rarely use it...and no flu. Animals are also good for kids because the kids are introduced and develop a resistance to bacteria from the animals.

    But..I have friends who carry the little bottles around and make their kids use them on a regular basis..not just before they eat. They whip them out as we are walking around Sea World while my kids are dipping their 'dirty' hands into their popcorn. Hasn't seem to hurt my kids at all. :)

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