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  •  Price, etc (1+ / 0-)
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    also sorry about how you can't bring yourself to admit the price

    What about it?     New tech is always more expensive than old tech.  However, does your Scion get you thousands of dollars in tax credit and save you $1k a year in energy costs and a lot in maintenance?  Your scion will be a pile of rust when a composite car still looks nearly new.

    Aerodynamics doesn't make any significant difference in city driving at 25mph, or at 35 either

    Actually, it starts becoming relevant by 35mph.  It's not the dominant factor yet by then, but you also have to remember that rolling and braking losses are greatly reduced in a vehicle like the Aptera series as well, so what once wasn't much loss suddenly becomes relevant.

    while I don't mind renting a truck (or having it delivered) if I want a yard of gravel I have exactly no interest in having to rent a car every time I want to go more than 50 miles frmo home, or take some friends out to dinner

    1. It's 100 miles, not 50.   That's some major range.  What sort of life do you live that you go that far, that regularly?  Or are you talking 100 miles to some place with no power outlet?
    1. If you tend to haul lots of people around and don't have a second car, then YES, the Aptera 2-series is not for you.  That is not the case for everyone.   But the "long trip" argument is a big red herring for most people, since those are generally only "a few times a year" things.
    1. For the Nth time, range is only an issue for the 2e, not the 2h or 2g.

    Your only valid argument is seating, and that only applies to your case, not everyone's.  The range arguments make no sense, since such range-exceeding trips are so rare that the rental cost is small.  And you're pretending like efficiency, petroleum independence, longevity, corrosion-resistance, structural strength, and operations costs are irrelevant.  While you may believe that, as may most people at Free Republic, most people here will strongly disagree with you.

    •  a 100 mile range (0+ / 0-)

      (using a case of CostCo flashlight batteries to get you the last mile home) just barely gets you to the beach and back from Berkeley.  They don't have outlets in the parking lots at Point Reyes or San Gregorio.  And you'll probably be coming home in the dark (another use for those CostCo batteries, to keep your headlights lit).

      What did you say this toy was going to cost?  I seem to have missed that . . .

      Ps.  I've seen plastic cars and plastic boats . . . it's true they don't rust, they crumble. First the gell coat chips and flakes, then the fiber starts to delaminate and get "hairy" . . . they get ugly in their old age.  Got any examples of Apteras that have sat in the sun for 10 or 20 years?

      Fake Left, Drive Right . . . not my idea of a Democrat . . .

      by Deward Hastings on Mon Dec 21, 2009 at 11:46:32 PM PST

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      •  Have you looked? (1+ / 0-)
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        Once you start actually looking for power outlets, you find them everywhere.  For example, every rest area I've checked into around here has them in spades.  

        What did you say this toy was going to cost?

        You know, the more you use phrasing like that, the more I (and others) want to ignore you, right?

        The price is $25 to $40k, depending on powertrain and options.

        Ps.  I've seen plastic cars and plastic boats . .

        I assume you mean composite, not plastic

        First the gell coat chips and flakes, then the fiber starts to delaminate and get "hairy" . . . they get ugly in their old age.  

        That's primarily due to the action of water.  Esp. if it's polyester resin, the most common kind.

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