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View Diary: "Clash over Christmas"? Or "Clash in Fallujah"? (127 comments)

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  •  commercial front in my little town (4.00)
    In a bookstore I got "happy holidays", and the driver of a municipal bus wished her passangers "merry Christmass".  As a good red citizen, I resolved to read less and ride buses more.

    Did anyone read O'Loofah!'s "Talking Points Memo" on the sad fate of Christianity in Canada?

    Over 20 years, the percentage of Canadians admitting to having no religion increased from 1 to 16 (if I recall, in USA it is about 13, but it was never as low as 1).  The percentage of welfare receipients is double of that in USA.  How un-Christian!  They allowed for gay marriages.  And, brace yourself, THEY HAVE HARDLY ANY MILITARY!

    It starts innocuous, with "happy holidays", and before long you loose your ability to project power around the globe.  What would Jesus say?

    It reminds me when I read how someone viewed percentage of home owners as indicator of morality.  Was it "it is harder for an appartment renter to enter the Kingdom of God than etc."?  Thinking about it, neither Old nor New Testament mention renting of flats.  Why do we tolerate this heathen practice?

    I guess that O'Reily failed to mention bicycling because he has to leave something for the future columns.

    •  Being Christian.... (none)
      The more I believe in God, the less I can believe in Christianity. To believe that an all-knowing God would send a relative to earth to cause 2000 years of blood-shed and horror in His name just isn't feasible to me..... Either God isn't all-knowing, or He made an awful mistake - or Jesus was just a man who had followers with a tendency to exaggerate.....

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