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View Diary: "Clash over Christmas"? Or "Clash in Fallujah"? (127 comments)

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    In a blatant politically inspired attempt to win back the hearts of his fellow war hawks, Rumsfeld makes a holiday visit to the troops. While it's doubtful there will be any no-holds barred Q & A sessions, I have suspicions that when it comes to the hearts and minds of soldiers, Rumsfeld is slowly spiralling down the drain. Much like our entire country...

    It boggles my mind how a soldier could tolerate the fact that the C.E.O. of the war they were fighting in had chummed it up with the very enemy they are fighting against. Well, maybe "chummed it up" is inaccurate...Probably just some innocent coffee drinking and oil discussions. Saddam likes movies, perhaps they watched "Tron."

    What I really wanna see, which would never happen, would be Rummy to wander in to a real shithole where some war-torn PFCs that just came back from a 2 hour firefight in which they lacked critical armor. I would like to see Rumsfeld walk up to one of these bruised, battered, broken young men and look into his eyes. See the strength, the drive, the dedication in his eyes. Something Rumsfeld would not recognize.

    And the fact is that this same look can be found in the eyes of many Iraqi men. The look in the eyes of men who are bound to their people, their culture, their way of life, and will attack all of those foreign, all those that kill and destroy, regardless of intent or purpose.

    And after Rumsfeld takes a good long look at this same glow in the young soldiers eyes, the soldier spits a deep, dark, honker in the center of Rummy's ugly mug.
    And the troops cheer.

    But alas, this is a foolish dream. I'm sure this crowd was heavily vetted. But I'm in the holiday mentality so I cling to the hope that Santa brings me an early Xmas present.

    As I'm watching this right now on CNN, a soldier asked him, "How do you win the war in the media?" and the soldier discussed how they are building schools and helping little girls cross the streets or some such nonsense, and Rumsfeld responded, "That sounds like a question that was not planted by the press." Haha everyone laughed and cheered.

    First of all, its obvious this question was planted as well...not by the press but selectively found by whatever crony is in charge of such matters.

    And second of all as a unit of soldiers, representing an entire country, you are one unit. Since you are one combined force, you are responsible for all the actions of said force.

    And therefore, it doesn't matter how many schools you build, or little Iraqi kids you give Gatorade and licorice, the fact that your force is killing thousands of people is more important and therefore more reported in the media.

    If I go blow up my neighbors house but take in his cat I don't think taking in the cat is going to hold up in court.

    Merry Christmas or whatever reason for getting drunk you endulge in.

    The Cleveland Steamer

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