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    I have been one of the holiday workers at times, mostly long ago, and I have also been one of the workers with a family who benefited from someone else's willingness to work holidays instead of me. These days, I value anyone who works the holidays so I can travel to see my grandkids and stay in hotels and shop at the last minute. I spent more than a decade as a single parent, and one of the things I learned was that it's never about THE DAY.  If the kids or the parents or the significant other or anyone else can't be there on THE DAY, then we will celebrate another day.  The 25th can come and go, and a birthday or other holiday can come and go.  I don't care about the date.  What I care about is making the connection, some time, some place.  So thank you to all the holiday workers.  Do something to be kind to yourselves.  

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