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  •  Bullshit, to put it mildly (0+ / 0-)

    No strategy is ideal for all cases. Most knowledgegeable analysts state that Democrats already elected more congresspersons that they can  get reelected. From districts, which must NOT elect Democrats. That because of it losses are inevitable. And so on. And it's not 2006 or 2008 anymore ot's almost 2010. The mood of the people is radically different now (especially after crisis) then it was a year ago. A lot of Independents soured on Obama and Democrats. And so on....

    So i repeat my concise reaction on your "pathetic speach" - BULLSHIT!!!! If you want to behave like ostrich, put ypur head in sand and repeat: "all is well, people support us" - it's your hoice. But it will have little or nothing with reality

    •  Any souring by independents (0+ / 0-)

      Is a result of frustration that we do not have HCR with a robust public option, have not moved forward on comprehensive immigration reform and civil rights for all americans. The polls and the experts like Markos have told and warned us that unless our majorities start acting more progressive and move forward our agenda that carried them to victories in 2006 and 2008 that we risk losing a couple of seats. We won in 2006 and 2008 solely on progressive issues, if we don't win in 2010 it will be because our elected officials did not deliver on that agenda.

      •  more bullshit (0+ / 0-)

        Markos is not a God - first. In fact i disagree with him on a whole lot of issues - probably 50/50. And not everyone lives in Berkeley as Markos does. Or in Amgerst(MA), or on Manhattan. There are rural Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Louisiana, Alabama (BTW) - who think very differently and doesn't automatically subscribe under anything Markos says, They are very cautious about ANY HC reform and about "public option" as a part of it, they stand (really!) for "traditional families" and so on. You may disgree with them, but you can't pretend that you are the only one, who knows the truth, you can't deny them the right to vote (and to elect people like Senators DeMint or Coburn too), you can't convince them, that your reasoning is correct by "arguments" you try on me (which are not arguments, but pure demagoguery, BTW). And so on. So, continue to be that ostrich...

        And Independents (generally) have "moderate" views - somewhere in-between Democrats and Republicans. For many of them even a program, which, likely, will be passed tomorrow, is "somewhat too fast and too radical". I won't even tell here what they say about "your proposal" - because of self-censorship. And i  am an Independent myself)))))

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