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  •  amen and amen (10+ / 0-)

    my prayer is that "it"... whatever "it" is for each of us... is personal... but not in the myopic angst which afflicts all of us from time to time... rather in the knowing that my piece of the tapestry that is humankind is mine...  and that I am responsible for keeping it from unraveling and for ensuring that it adds to the beauty of the whole.

    To do that I cannot lose sight that what is mine is only a part and not the whole... and that there are no superfluous, redundant or unnecessary parts.

    Thank you once again, teacherken for anointing our eyes with that Laodicean eyesalve so when we are about full of ourselves and think we are all that and a bag of chips... our condition is laid bare and we see that we are poor and wretched and blind and naked... and that despite our accomplishment or our success, we remain a huddled mass yearning to breathe free... and even the best of us cant do it without the rest of us.

    Thanks again and may you have all of the joy of the season for you and yours.

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