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    include my mother in law? :)

    Sorry for the levity - what I'm really getting at is that with all of the personal interactions we have, even (or maybe especially) with family, it's often all too easy to forget the value of another person's opinion. And often in our society, we forget even the value of their lives. I'm frankly still baffled that the "weakest link in the chain" analogy is too far over people's heads to make them see why social safety nets are a necessary good. It's like they think that other peoples' health, or home, or their children, are somehow less important to those people than their own are to them. And all of this in a nation that professes Christian ideals.

    My problem is that often, instead of anger, I'm driven to confusion by this. I think to a certain extent I am naive - I tend to assume that everyone is out to achieve the most good for the world at large, and I still haven't gotten over the initial reaction of shock and dismay when that turns out to not be so true.

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