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  •  I come at education from the other end. (1+ / 0-)
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    I teach primary kids. And many of the problems begin here - if a child can't read well or doesn't understand the relationship of numbers in the early years, or the science, geography and history that form the later understanding - the possiblity of them being creative thinkers in high school is almost nil.

    Years went by where self-esteem became more important than reading or other knowledge - and of course, educators had it all wrong. SUCCESS and learning build self-esteem. Teachers need to teach the basics first, and when kids can read well and love to read, when they truly understand the relationships of numbers - then they have the building blocks to be critical thinkers and learn in context.

    And I firmly believe that every child can learn. The reason why there are children doing poorly is because of lousy teachers in those early years - not teaching well or understanding the reasons why their students have trouble learning the basics. They blame the kids, the parents, poverty - everything but their lack of knowledge and skill. Every child has a strength, and this can be used to teach that child in the modality in which he/she learns best, and every child can learn.

    What is missing is the basic knowledge that should be learned by the end of the third grade, and then the critical thinking formed from that solid foundation.

    For example, anyone who had critical thinking skills and the ability to read should have looked into Obama's background and seen exactly what would happen in the future. The lack of moral core in Chicago politics of which he was a part, the associates, the present votes, his name being put on bills where he did none of the work in both senates, the semi-crooked house deal, the lack of background information, on and on. Now the fans are disappointed - but it was all apparent in 2007 to those who used critical thinking skills.

    This is what education should do. Make critical thinkers and researchers rather than followers.

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