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    1.  I was being snippy with person 2 whom I was responding.  I am provoking and challenging, but not snippy, to my students
    1.  I want my students to participate as citizens.  I model that.  And I could not pretend I do not have positions.  For one thing, I am too highly visible.  For another, that would be being less than honest and trusting with my students.

    But I do not seek to convert my students to my point of view.  I tell them, and their parents, my job includes helping them hone their own thinking and learning to express it more cogently when speaking and writing.  In the process I may create my own worst nightmare, an articulate and persuasive advocate for a position I abhor.  In which case as a teacher I am happy - I have empowered my students.

    do we still have a Republic and a Constitution if our elected officials will not stand up for them on our behalf?

    by teacherken on Wed Dec 23, 2009 at 08:29:09 PM PST

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