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  •  Volvos (none)
    are utterly ace. i've been driving used ones for over 25 years on NM roads,  close to 750k miles. Still with the rear-wheel-drive models. i'm pretty mechanically inclined so I've really gotten to know the machinery and how well it's put together, but for years all my major work has been done by one very reliable shop.  I have all the records.

    I typically get a 10-12 year old car with just under 100k miles on it, from the original owner in well maintained condition, for 2000-2500 bucks. I keep it up and get another 150-250k miles at an average cost of under ten cents a mile. That's the cost of the car plus the cost of the repairs. All the other stuff (gas, oil, tires batteries, insurance) is a constant with any car, except a new one, where the insurance is much higher.  

    The turbos cost a little more to keep up, but they go like a bat out of hell and have stability and road manners worthy of flat-out autobahn driving, which is what they are built for. For under 15 cents a mile.

    The trick, of course, is knowing enough about the car, paying enough attention to be able to tell the mechanic what's wrong when you do have to bring it in. Sticking with the same basic car over time, especially given that Volvo stretches the use of parts out over 10-20 years of models, and the models don't change much, means your accumulated knowledge of how they work and how they sound and feel when something is wearing out really pays off.

    They really do go all-out to build the best car they can, compromising almost nothing. You can buy a slightly better car, for a lot more money.  Best automotive value on the road.

    Volvos are not built on an assembly line. Each car is completely assembled by one crew, one car at a time, and the crew has responsibility for the finished assembly.

    Fortunately for us pobres, the people who buy these cars new sell them much too soon, just when the quality of the car begins to really pay off, it being paid for and likely to keep running for 200k more miles.  So I can drive a fine piece of well-engineered machinery on the cheap.

    don't always believe what you think

    by claude on Sun Dec 26, 2004 at 12:12:01 AM PST

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    •  true dat (none)
      My dad drove a '94 Volvo 850 that he recently handed down to my brother. I don't think either of them has ever had to do much more than change the oil and tires, and it's pushing 200K miles.
    •  I <3<3<3<3 My 240 Wagon (none)
      It's saved my life, three times now. And it's still in fab condition, no frame bending, no mechanical issues.

      Post-Election Special: Prozak $2/pill

      by akierig on Sun Dec 26, 2004 at 11:11:57 AM PST

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