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View Diary: Wingnut anti-Subaru campaign for courting gay market (128 comments)

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  •  bipartisan discrimination (none)
    > Any party that is willing to pander to bigotry doesn't deserve a modicum of respect.

    Oh, hey! So you're the guy who voted for Nader? ;-)

    I'm not trying to pick a fight, but Senator Kerry opposed gay marriage too. My party just pandered more effectively. There's no need to argue that proposing a constitutional amendment is more damaging to the cause than washing your hands of the issue and leaving it to the states. Like I said, I'm working for a more tolerant party. You all have some work cut out for you, too.

    Sidebar: Ultimately, if Senator Kerry had either supported the right of gay marriage, or said, "Seeing as how Saddam didn't have WMDs after all, it was a mistake for us to invade Iraq," he would have likely gotten my vote. (The Senator probably wouldn't say "seeing as how," but you get my drift.) In my view, the Democratic Party didn't present much of a choice.

    There's no need to explain to me how public policy affects people's lives. I'm living that reality. Like a lot of military people, I find that a little "gallows humor" helps me approach things more rationally than running around in a blind fury all the time. I'm sorry if my apparent nonchalance offended you.

    •  Lesser of two evils (none)
      Kerry didn't pander to the bigots, he merely failed to speak out against the bigots. He waffled, trying to get both sides of the issue -- just like he did on Iraq.

      He was a weak candidate, who ran a weak campaign. It was an unpleasant choice to vote for him, but not a hard one -- Bush's presidency has been a miserable failure.

      Kerry was not my first choice in the primaries, or my second, or third, or fourth, or even fifth... and he certainly wasn't going to fundementally change our party, but four years of gridlock and ineffective leadership would have been better for the country than another Bush administration. Hell, I would have voted for Lieberman over Bush. Probably even would have voted for Sharpton.

      I recognize and usually appreciate gallows humor. I've just had a chip on my shoulder since hearing that my ex-boyfriend was called "faggot" and "nigger" and had a garbage thrown at him from a passing SUV while he was doing GOTV in Pennsylvania. (Not that I haven't wanted to throw garbage at him at one time or another, but they didn't know him, they didn't know that he deserves to have garbage thrown at him...)

      76% of dKos readers think I'm a secret wing-nut operative!

      by Gustavo on Sun Dec 26, 2004 at 02:29:45 AM PST

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      •  what I remembered (none)
        I was thinking of the third debate. The moderator said, "Both of you are opposed to gay marriage." Senator Kerry didn't dispute this. The Senator said, "The president and I share the belief that marriage is between a man and a woman. I believe that. I believe marriage is between a man and a woman."

        I agree that it is difficult to discern exactly what Senator Kerry's position was. And I will also stipulate that Republicans are generally the hardliners on gay issues. But from the results of ballot initiatives, it seems that deferring to states to deny this right is perhaps a more effective way to discriminate than proposing an amendment. Let's just agree to work for tolerance.

        I think it's a good idea to keep bringing visibility to examples of harassment and abuse like your ex experienced. A lot of conservatives probably don't see the connection between the public discourse and that sort of outright injustice.

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