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View Diary: What Obama did right on health care - learning the lessons from 94 (23 comments)

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  •  Anything this big happens in stages (9+ / 0-)
    As a practical matter, it's impossible to get anything this big right the first time around.  Whether it's an engineering project or a legislative project, the system under construction is simply too big to be fully debugged on the drawing board.  So you plan for that, creating the best system you can that will do something useful and adding to it over time as things are learned from the mistakes inevitably made the first time around.

    Another diary I saw this morning indicated that the French system took something like 15 years and 4 tries before it reached the general outlines of its current state.  Social Security also evolved over time; the initial implementation was very weak and didn't cover very many people (and consciously discriminated against women and non-whites).

    It will be the same here.  This is simply a way station.  A big one, I believe, but it's not the starting point and won't be the ending point.

    I think we progressives also underestimated just how difficult it would be.  Perhaps we shouldn't have -- after all, this has been on the table for 100 years -- but we did underestimate our opposition's tenacity and even the objections of some Democrats.

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