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View Diary: My Christmas Eve Health Care Story (55 comments)

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  •  Don't you just love being punished for (13+ / 0-)

    your auto-immune disease?  I really believe we are being punished. Exclusions, waiting periods, high copays, high drug prices; feels like punishment to me!

    I too have Type 1 diabetes. I've been lucky not to have to go through what you did, but there's always a possibility...  I think it's criminal that the hospital charged you for a 5 minute conversation, and even more so that they couldn't just give you a bottle of insulin. At $125 per bottle though, with hospital markup, they were probably hoping to charge you $1250. Oooh, person in need! Profit! <snark>

    The high cost of drugs and supplies that keep us alive is one of my biggest complaints in discussing healthcare, second only to the punishment of us by insurance companies for our pre-existing condition.

    I really hope you can succeed in challenging your ER bill.

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