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View Diary: You Can't Say Reid & Obama Tried Everything For True HCR (135 comments)

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  •  It is the very lack of a spectacle (1+ / 0-)
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    that puts the progressive agenda at risk for a generation.

    Have you seriously thought about the spectacle that would have created?

    If this works out, moderation will rule the day for the foreseeable future and it will be very difficult to move in the direction of more robust health care reform.   It will help some without health care, but it will leave many behind and that is a shame. And there will be very little anyone can do about it because Democrats decided their argument was important enough to fight over in an attempt to at least move the Overton window.  It will also cement the fact the Progressives should never have a seat at the negotiation table.  Ever...because they don't back up their demands, meaning they should legitimately be summarily ignored.

    Look at how difficult it is to raise taxes now that Democrats have essentially ceded the court to Republicans on this issue.  And now they are being held accountable for deficits, when new revenue is apparently not an option.  That is the result of short term politics.

    This is what happens when you don't stand up and fight.  

    If it doesn't work out, the public will see a bill celebrated by all Democrats and opposed by Republicans as failing miserably.  I suspect that won't work out too well either.  

    Sometime a spectacle is needed.  And it doesn't have to be outlandish.  For instance, simply canceling the summer recess would have shown some fight with the added bonus of knocking out the town hall strategy.  If this is crisis, why not act like it.

    Lieberman being booted would have also shown strength.  And it would have created a reasonable political strategy to keep the base energized. "We Need 60".  Now the excuse has been removed (which does make some of these compromises more reasonable for a certain point of view.)

    What Democrats don't understand is there is a time and place for kabuki.  Republicans understand this well. While they seem silly doing it, they have long term goals in mind while Democrats seem to only consider the here and now.

    All of that being said, if Obama is telling the truth, and this was exactly the bill he wanted, contrary to earlier public statements, the strategy was brilliant.  Put something on the table you are willing to negotiate away and use it as the ultimate bargaining chip.  That is real negotiation.  Reid did it when he put it in his bill, and it was clear at the time.  He had to have something to allow conservadems outside of SFC to get their pound of flesh. I would give credit where credit is due.  

    But the only problem is I strongly disagree that public option was not a worthy consideration.  It also comes at the cost of creating a sense that Democrats don't stand up and fight for what they believe, even when the public is on their side.  That is simply about as bad of a place to be politically as one can imagine, especially when the fruits of the Democratic legislation won't be realized for years.

    Democrats are simply lucky that they have so many gerrymandered seats.  

    Turning the economy around will be the most definitive in the short term.  But the long term ramifications of seemingly "giving up" are serious.  And Democrats know this, which is why the "insurers are fighting this" meme is being pushed so hard.  Democrats have always been viewed as the party with more weakly held views, and the fight for the signature issue has done nothing to dissipate that view.  Those are the long term consequences or worrying about the short term media use your own words.

    The fun the media and the RW would have had painting Obama as vindictive?

    If you want your soldiers to fight for you in the future, you have to fight for them in the present.  There are many soldiers in the field, not a loyal as those on this website (including those of us that disagree with the strategy used here), that will take this as not fighting back.  The question is how many.  

    I am not against all health care reform, I am just against dumb health care reform!

    by justmy2 on Mon Dec 28, 2009 at 08:46:41 AM PST

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    •  That should say... (1+ / 0-)
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      Democrats decided their argument was NOT important enough to fight over...

      I am not against all health care reform, I am just against dumb health care reform!

      by justmy2 on Mon Dec 28, 2009 at 08:50:16 AM PST

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