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  •  well that is an interesting point (0+ / 0-)

    and really a crisis of conscience for me.  That is does not help the middle class or rich but does help the poor, small business and improve the safety net - is that sufficient good?  That is an interesting question.  

    Is sacrificing the poor a sufficient price because the middle class is not sated sufficiently?  Well that is the problem with the mandate, of course the mandate is necessary (the anti-mandate arguments, including Obama the Candidate's own - were just dumb).  

    I endorse it for now ... as a bill to be debated and something that can help people.  As opposed to doing nothing which hurts people across the board - whether people wait for the emergency room or not.

    •  Neither of these bills helps the working poor (0+ / 0-)

      especially. And both bills have cracks wide enough for mid- and post-boomers to fall through in droves.

      Working people who earn too much for Medicaid but not enough to afford hundreds of dollars a month (and for crap insurance, at that) will still be marginalized and kept from accessing the healthcare they need.

      The forced mandate on top of high deductibles and out-of-pockets is a disaster for the working marginal/working poor.

      And once again, those who work for small businesses are thrown to the wolves, as if they didn't have human mortal bodies that need -- and deserve -- healthcare like everyone else. For some reason though, small businesses are given carte blanche to pretend that isn't so.

      Party like it's 1929, baby.

      by CMYK on Tue Dec 29, 2009 at 10:42:31 AM PST

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