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  •  I will be subject to this tax in a few years (1+ / 0-)
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    I'm a teacher with my salary capped by state law.

    I pay co pays,deductibles, I can't go to the doctor/hospital of my choice, I have necessary drugs that are denied coverage---I have to pay for them myself, but I have a 17,000 policy and that's just for two people.

    With costs escalating---neither piece of crap bill reduces or even slows down costs---I will soon be subject to this punitive tax.

    thanks, Democrats.

    Gary Wills on Obama's Afghan occupation: "What really matters are the lives of the young men and women he is sending off to senseless deaths."

    by formernadervoter on Tue Dec 29, 2009 at 09:20:46 AM PST

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