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  •  Any airline flying to or from Israel (0+ / 0-)

    has intense security procedures.

    Once, in Frankfurt, I could hardly find the terminal for my flight, it was so hidden away in a corner of the airport with no identifying sign.  This was after attacks on Israeli flights proved the necessity for heightened security measures.

    Last year, at JFK, all the passengers on my flight to Israel were inconvenienced by the practice of keeping the gate area closed until just before the flight.  While all the other passengers of international flights to anywhere but Israel were comfortably relaxing in their gate areas, only our gate was barricaded shut, with a sign that explained the situation.  

    It was late at night and only one restaurant in our area of the airport was open, and all the passengers to Israel just had to wait and wait there until it was time for the additional security check at the gate and the race to the plane.

    Sadly, all of this inconvenience is very necessary to keep everyone safe.

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