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    Remember how VP Richard Nixon was all over the Kennedy administration concerning the Bay of Pigs and the Missiles of October? On the chat shows at least once a month. Oh, that's right it didn't happen.

    Remember VP Mondale's frequent public efforts to lambaste the Reagan admin was arming the contras and bombing Libya? Oh, right, it didn't happen.

    Not to mention Al Gore's regular media gig tearing the Bush II admin a new one. Sam,Cokie, and Al. Remember? Oh, that's right. It didn't happen.

    SO what is it about Chickenhawk Cheney that makes him a media go-to guy time and time again? Is it because he batshit insane and that makes good tv? Is it the MSM's way to stick it to Obama? Is it because the MSM is an epic fail of asshattery?

    It is unprecedented and I don't get it.

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